Fuel Your Future: A Menu of Nutrition Coaching Choices

Nutrition Coaching at Midwest Strength and Performance is the best way to make long term and sustainable changes. Training alone will not get you to where you want to be – a HUGE part of success is what you do (or eat) during the rest of the day! Our nutrition program is NOT a quick fix, fad diet, or super restrictive meal plan. When working with our nutrition coaches you will be given practical steps to make long term changes. You will learn about periodized dieting for lasting results! This means we work with you to learn when, how, and for how long to diet. Your nutrition coach is your guide to take you from where you are to where you want to be. They will provide encouragement, accountability, and advice for how to best tackle roadblocks in the plan. Whether your goal is to lose fat, gain muscle, prioritize health, or optimize performance – we are your partner in journeying towards your goal. 

There are three different tiers of the nutrition program: silver, gold, and platinum. Platinum nutrition coaching is the most customized evidence based nutrition experience. We work directly with you to set goals, grocery shop, meal prep and more. With platinum coaching you have daily virtual access to your coach in addition to weekly in person meetings. If you need high accountability to stay consistent, have no idea where to start, and want someone to walk you through each step of the process – platinum is for you! Platinum includes an in-home kitchen audit to review your food environment, and meal prep exercise with your coach. You also will have access to unlimited Fit3D scans, personalized learning materials curated by your coach, habit tracking and more. Platinum is the fastest track to results – we are with you for every step of the way. 

The gold nutrition program is recommended for individuals who are looking for moderate accountability from their Coach! You will meet in person with your coach biweekly to discuss progress and current challenges. Along with a personalized nutrition plan, you will receive exercise accountability, meal prep planning guidance, our biweekly habit tracker, biweekly Fit3D scans, short and long term goal planning, and access to our private Facebook group that is full of incredible resources, recipes, and support. 

Finally, the silver nutrition plan is for those who need a nutrition jumpstart but are confident in their ability to carry out the plan with less support. Our silver clients meet in person with their coach monthly to assess progress, redefine goals, and tackle challenges. The silver plan offers a customized nutrition plan, monthly Fit3D scans, monthly exercise accountability, access to our customized learning modules and private Facebook group.

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